ECU Remapping Blackpool

How does it all work? You call or email Huddersfield Chiptune about ECU remapHuddersfield Chip Tune will provide details of the ECU Remaps available and the gains for Power ECU Remapping or Economy ECU Remapping.

All Remaps are dyno proving and presentable after testing.

Once you are happy we get you booked for your ecu remap at a place and time to suit you.

A full fault code check comes under process before the ECU Remap on the vehicle to ensure there are no ECU or Engine problems.

If no fault codes are present, we go ahead and download the ECU Map from the vehicle.

The ECU Map is then becomes under process of Remapping or ‘Tuned’ for your choice of Remap, Power ECU Remap or Economy Remap or DPF Remap. Once all changes are final we write it back to the vehicles ECU (electronic control unit or ‘brain’).

The whole process can be over and done within the hour.

A copy of your original Engine ECU Remap is secure and both the Original and Tuning.

Once It is complete a test drive is undertaking with a fault code check to ensure smooth power and no problems exist with your ECU Remap.

Huddersfield Chiptune cover local and nationwide remapping. Email/call/text for more details.

ECU Remapping Blackpool Huddersfield Chip Tune