Eco ECU remap

Eco ECU Remap and Chip Tune Economy Remaps can offer up to 20% improvement in MPG per tank. We base this on a set quantity of fuel. A full tank or half tank. The trip computer will give an indication, however these are not 100% accurate. Economy remaps increases torque lower down in the rev range. This will allow you to get into a higher gear quicker, and maintain the higher gear for longer without having to down change. This along with sensible driving will get you improved MPG.

Economy remaps give aprox 15 to 20 bhp more. You will feel the vehicle pull more in the low gears. This will allow you to get to speed more sooner and thus be in a high gear quicker.

Huddersfield Chip tune remap Cars, vans and trucks for economy and have seen all vehicles improve the MPG. We are so confident, that if you do not get a gain in the MPG after the remap, we offer this on a money back guarantee. Know more about ECU Remaps.

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