Performance ECU remap

Performance Ecu Remap

Huddersfield Chip Tune Power Remapping for all cars, vans, motor homes and trucks. Power Remap is for drivers who just want more power. Maybe the vehicle is a not living up to its potential, is sluggish, with a full load is not quite responsive, Huddersfield Chip Tune will increasing the power of your vehicle giving you a vehicle that is safer for overtaking, more pleasurable to drive and puts the smile back on your face. Most power remaps transform into a completely different feel, drive and vehicle.

The Power Remap will deliver more power sooner with more BHP and torque for the driver. Peak power and torque is made sooner. Remapping gets rid of higher revs because the engine is producing a higher power output at a lower rpm. Huddersfield Chip Tune guarantees you will see an improvement in both engine performance and response.

We offer Performance Ecu Remap to all vehicles that include

  1. Non turbo petrol with 10% + gains on BHP
  2. Non turbo diesel with 15% + gains on BHP
  3. Petrol Turbo with 20% + gains on BHP
  4. Turbo diesel with 35% + gains on BHP
  5. Super charged with 20% + gains on BHP


Huddersfield Chip Tune remaps will give you:

  1. More engine Torque
  2. Sharper throttle response
  3. Smoother delivery of power
  4. Lifetime software warranty on all remaps
  5. You’re not completely satisfied for any reason, money back
  6. More engine BHP power, up to 40 bhp more on a stage 1 tune
Performance ECU remap Huddersfield Chip Tune
Performance ECU remap Huddersfield Chip Tune