ECU Remapping for cars, vans commercials

ECU Remapping or Chipping, or Chip Tuning is a ECU service which fine tunes the maps that control the engines performance.

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Remapping can get more torque and power out of an engine. Remapping can solve problems like low rev ranges, flat spots and hesitation issues so the Remapped ECU and Engine with more torque which also results in a more responsive and enjoyable vehicle to drive. Huddersfield Chip Tune Remapping services are custom tuned to each vehicle so all data specific to the vehicle is kept, NO generic Remaps are ever used by Huddersfield Chip Tune.

Diesel Tuning Boxes are generic hence universal applications. We stay away from these and only custom Remap ECU’S as power, performance, torque and smoothness only comes from a custom tuned remap.

ECU Remapping results in more power, greater response and improved fuel consumption. Remapping a vehicle will also have a positive effect on lowering exhaust emissions hence lowering your carbon foot print.

Some ECU’s are ‘tune protected’ and will require Tri-Core, Tri-Core is the latest method to get inside the ECU’s Micro processor so it can be remapped. The ECU needs to be removed in order to be remapped in this way, if this is the case we will let you know. This service can also be offered on a postal Remap once the ECU has been removed.

Remapping of your vehicle is not just about the additional power, torque, drive ability and extra BHP that can be delivered, which can be very considerable, but with the correct ECU Remapping very significant improvements in fuel consumption and power increase can be achieved.

ECU Remapping also known as chip tune, chipping, chiptuning, remapping and chipped. The ecu or vehicles brain contains data more commonly known as maps. These ECU maps control every aspect of the vehicles performance. Huddersfield Chip Tune download the information from the ecu, where we can make changes to the specific parts of the map that will allow more torque, more bhp power, sharper throttle response, instant acceleration and reduction in turbo lag just to name a few. These are the most common modifications that are made to the ecu when we remap it.

The most common failure for ECU remapping is the tools used to read and write the ecu. Huddersfield Chip Tune only use genuine remapping tools that are industry leading. We only use CMD FLASH, ALIENTECH KESS, AMT CARTECH MPPS, BYTESHOOTER. We also have access to many other remapping tools through our bank of contacts, so if you have an ecu that is rare, please contact us as we may be able to remap you. We offer a mobile ecu remapping service as well.

ECU Remapping Huddersfield Chip Tune
ECU Remapping Huddersfield Chip Tune