Huddersfield Chiptune DPF Removal ECU Remap Strictly for off road use only.

Huddersfield Remapping Pro Tuned Remaps £120

HUDDERSFIELD CHIPTUNE Get a custom pro tuned remap from £120 STAGE 1 STAGE 2 EGR DPF ADBLUE FLAPS POPS DSG 01484599000 …

Ecu Remap for Vehicles, Vand and Commercials

Custom tuned remaps £149, limited time. Book in now. 07776155565 mobile service

DPF REMOVAL Remap Huddersfield

Huddersfield Chip Tune is offering DPF removal Car Remap Huddersfield remaps starting from £349 all in. We can remove the DPF from many …

ECU Remap Offer Huddersfield Chip Tune

SPECIAL Tri-Core Protected ECU Remap 2010+ CARS from £249 ALL IN We can now remap through the OBD port and do not need to remove the E

Engine Diagnostics £30

We offer a mobile diagnostics service. If you have a check engine light on we can find out why. We use Launch Engine Diagnostics, Snap-on, GM Tech2 and VCDS for VW and Audi group cars

Remapping News Offers

Huddersfield Chiptune Review Offers We can now remap the following cars without the need to remove the ECU, saving time and …

ECU Remap £179

Huddersfield ChipTune Remap Offer! All ecu remaps £179 through OBD till End of 2015. (exclusions apply to engine size) You must book by …

Audi VW SEAT SKODA 2010+ Remap

Audi VW SEAT SKODA 2010 on-wards Remap Latest Ecu Remap for Audi 2010+ Cars custom bespoke remaps

£169 ECU Remap Offer

Huddersfield ChipTune Remap Offer £169 all in All ecu remaps £169 through OBD till End of October 2016. You must book by email/text/phone to confirm. 07776155565 Send details

Remap offer £150

Huddersfield Chip Tune Remapping offer for Wednesdays. We are offering OBD port Remaps @ £150*. Have your vehicle remapped for power, economy, 50/50, EGR, DPF, …