Huddersfield Chiptune ECU Remapping Vehicle List that show your Vehicles performance gains. Huddersfield Chiptune Remapping is tuned 100% with custom software, genuine equipment and is not generic. We are passionate about ECU Remappingand you can have a custom ECU Remap from as little as £120, contact Huddersfield Chip Tune today, and lets us get you the performance you need.

Huddersfield Chip Tune ecu remapping for Cars, Vans, Trucks and Tractors. Huddersfield Chip Tune remap Motor homes and Camper Vans.

Huddersfield Chip Tune offer 3 types of remapping that includes Power remapping, Economy Remapping and Hybrid 50/50 Remapping. Click the car logo to see your gains. Or Click to see more information on remap types. If you do not see your vehicle listed, please contact us with details and we will get back to the same day. Huddersfield Chip Tune custom tune ALL remaps 100% with bespoke vehicle specific tuning.

Remapping starts from £120