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ECU Remap £179

Huddersfield ChipTune Remap Offer!

All ecu remaps £179 through OBD till End of 2015. (exclusions apply to engine size)
You must book by email/text/phone to confirm.
Send details of your vehicle by email/text/phone so we can check our database as some vehicles can not be tuned through OBD.

Just added over 30+ models of Audi VW Seat Skoda Jaguar vehicles that can be tuned through the OBD port which is quicker, easier and cheaper. We have a special offer on these vehicles.
Please contact us for more info and prices.

Remember Huddersfield Chip Tune use only 100% genuine non clone or copy software and hardware. Because of this we can offer a 100% reliable service with the latest newest range of vehicles that can be tuned. We have seen many cases where diy and here today and gone tomorrow remaps that cost less than a fast food meal have gone wrong leaving customers and cars redundant and with huge repair costs.

Huddersfield ChipTune Remap Offer!